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As it Launches Tabaud Application, Saudi Arabia Ranks Third Internationally in its Efforts to Confront the Pandemic by Utilizing Technology


Saudi Arabia has achieved yet another milestone in its efforts to confront the spread of COVID-19 by utilizing the technologies. Saudi Arabia ranked third internationally in using “Exposure Notification” technology, which was developed by Apple and Google. The feature aims to notify users if they have been exposed to COVID-19 Virus.

This milestone came after the launch of Tabaud Application by SDAIA in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. Tabaud uses Bluetooth technology to detect and save other devices securely for 14 days. The application then notifies users if they have been exposed to anyone infected with the virus. The notification can only be sent after the infected user chooses to report his case.

Tabaud has a strict privacy policy, as it does not require any personal information, and gives the user the choice to report his case. The application also does not require internet data to operate.

The application helps in tackling this pandemic, as well as helping in the current phase of returning gradually to normal life, taking into consideration the necessary preventative measures approved by related parties.

SDAIA has contributed during the pandemic to support government efforts, especially security and health sectors through the Operations Center for supporting security and health sectors, as well as providing technical solutions such as Tawakkalna Application and Boroog system.


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